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Wine Ranch Grill and Cellars

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"The restaurant started to feel like a family affair and soon enough, there wasn't an empty seat."

- Erika B.

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Super amazing is all I can say. The wine is spectacular as one would expect from the Wiens family. The food is amazing. I just had one of the best burgers I've ever experienced. So juicy, flavorful and mouth watering. The pulled pork sandwich is also delicious! Our favorite wine is the GSM but they are all great. Wonderful friendly staff here too and Bonnie the manager just rocks it. Such a beautiful space with the whole rustic barn feel. We'll be back!!

- Rob K.

I was happy to come to old town Murrieta and catch this new gem from the Wiens family open. It's only been a week for this new establishment but it seems very promising and I welcome the addition to old town Murrieta.

- Charita A.

I spent a bit of time at Le Grange today for lunch and wine tasting. I had a wonderful pulled pork sandwich that had a light bit of heat for some well balanced jalapeƱos and a sweet savory sauce. My server, Darnelle, was pleasant, well versed on the menu, and efficient. Price point was spot on. 

- Ben H.

If you are looking for a fun afternoon of wine tasting, I highly recommend the Le Grange Grill and Cellars in Old Town Murrieta.  The ambiance, service, and selection of drinks and food exceeded my expectations.   We loved the interior.  The wood decor and layout are fun and easy to figure out where the tastings are and where one can sit down to enjoy a meal from their menu. 

We decided to visit this location on the recommendation of a friend for a tasting.  She warned us that this is a busy location on the weekend, so we decided to visit on a Friday (around 11: 15 am) just before lunch. This way we could really spend the time to taste the different wines and enjoy the ambiance of the grill.  

The tasting area itself is cozy and friendly. The staff was very attentive, and we were not kept waiting between wines. The tasting menu offered a nice variety of red and white wines. The tasting steward service is excellent.  Randy was our steward today. He was so knowledgeable about the different wines.  If you are new to the Le Grange wines, he is a great source of information on the wines. He gave us some great advice on pairing our purchases with food that would bring out the flavors of the wine.  

We had originally visited the Le Grange Grill and Cellar to try just the red wines.  Now, I normally do not like white wines but decided to give a few of Randy's recommendations a try. We really enjoyed all the white wines that he recommended.  I actually ended up purchasing a few bottles of the white wines which were so refreshing on this 97-degree day.  I am really looking forward to sharing these with my friends.

We mentioned that were looking for place to have lunch and Randy made some wonderful recommendations of entries to try from the Le Grange Grill menu. He was on point with his recommendations.  I ordered the Le Grange burger which was excellent. The flavors of the bread, spices and beef were savory, juicy and cooked exactly the way I like it. My best friend ordered the pizza which had jalapenos on it.  I was surprise that the jalapenos did not over whelm the other flavors of the pizza. It was also delicious.  

Randy had recommended that we consider ordering one of their desserts.  He described the flavors of the various desserts and we decided since his other recommendations worked so well for us that we would order one.  It was a beignet that was prepared in French fry style cuts with a fresh cream and red jelly.  The beignets were excellent.  The food service did not disappoint. They were attentive and friendly.  Randy and our server truly made our visit a memorable experience. We will be returning to try more items from the Le Grange Grill menu and bring a few of our friends to enjoy their beautifully presented food. 

- Maria D.

Came here tonight to watch my friends George and Grace play their live set and decided to eat dinner here! It was AH-MAZING!

We ordered the Brie en Croute as an appetizer. Delicious. The chutney has a mild sour note that perfectly compliments the brie!

We also ordered the le grange romaine lettuce salad! Very light and refreshing. Perfectly dressed.

Lastly we ordered the grilled free range chicken flatbread. Again nice and light, very tasty. 

Perfect meal! I also loved the red sangria and Malbec wine. The barbera was a little too dry for my taste but would have been amazing with a steak!

- Daphne M.


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